Technical Pre-Sales and Sales Engineering

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Technical Pre-Sales and Sales Engineering

When a prospective customer is ready to close, there is nothing worse than being unable to satisfy their final technical, feature, engineering or integration questions on the spot and in the moment. Getting them back on the phone after your sales agent has escalated the request to an engineer can create the pause that loses the deal. Further, your core sales engineering staff can only be experts in so many different solutions or may be too busy on larger deals to provide the help your agents need.


Provide your customers the best service

Mural’s technical pre-sales and sales engineering teams seamlessly integrate with your existing sales organization, providing escalation support and expertise precisely when your agents need it. From addressing cloud or SaaS solutions to handling deeper configuration requests, our teams cover integration points, security expectations, advanced features, and licensing models, delivering the answers and end-to-end solutions your customers seek with confidence. Whether your sales team requires immediate assistance during a call, direct guidance for solution definition, or customized engineering solutions tailored to customer requirements, Mural’s engineers are equipped to assist at every step.


Have the highest confidence possible

With phone, email and chat-based offerings available, Mural’s team can meet your agents and your customers where they are to provide the support they need. Never lose a cloud deal again with Mural on your side.

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