SaaS Customer Training and Education Solutions

Our expertise transferred to your to your customers

Customer success begins with custom education

Mural can design, build and deliver customer training and education solutions that broaden your offering set, directly contribute to revenue, and create satisfied, successful customers. Most training and education solutions will have a range of engagement models, ranging from train-the-trainer collaboration and 1:1 training for critical stakeholders and anticipated power users, to 1:many group or enterprise-wide educational experiences. Mural’s customer training and education solutions can be one-time offerings designed to ensure your clients achieve a defined minimum critical success threshold with the product or they can be regular and ongoing customer touchpoints designed to evolve over time with the audience. While there has been a race to customer self service and self education for many SaaS products, many providers are missing an opportunity in thinking about customer training and education as a product in and of itself rather than a cost center. Many organizations are eager to subscribe to expert training services if they believe it will increase the return on investment (ROI) they’ll achieve from the product or service they’ve just purchased.

SaaS Customer Training and Education Solutions

While some education offerings may be free, for instance regularly scheduled webinars, that connection also presents the opportunity to offer advanced solutions for a fee. A comprehensive portfolio of for free and for a fee training and education solutions can demonstrate to your end customers that you take their success seriously, and believe the training and education solutions you offer are worth the investment that’s required.

A personal approach to training your end customers

Our learning and education experts will work with your team to define the best approach to delivering exceptional training to your end customers, including both the structure of the training as described above and the methods of delivery. Our expertise includes traditional learning approaches building on standalone curriculum, facilitated webinar or classroom-style experiences, remote guided education or on-demand ‘mini’ lessons delivered in response to specific requests or through existing product channels. With Mural’s Customer Training and Education Solutions, you can be sure your customers are on the path to success with your cloud or SaaS solution from the beginning.

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