The Work We Do

Helping global service providers succeed by delivering exceptional customer experiences through technical support, solutions, and insights.

The Mural Value –

True Strategic Partnership

Increase revenue, grow customer base, ensure product adoption, and gain customer insights that will improve your products and brand. Whatever your need, Mural is here to help.

Our Services

Cloud & SaaS Technical Support

When Technical Support isn’t core to your business or your team can’t scale to the demand of customers, providing an exceptional experience can be challenging. Mural’s team can fully deliver or step in to augment your core support organization with direct or escalation-based technical support that not only solves customer problems but increases overall satisfaction, while delivering insights that help improve your products and solutions.

Facilitated Adoption™ including Migration, Onboarding and Education

The first 60 days of a customer’s lifecycle are critical for long-term adoption and retention of any new product or service. Mural offers world class support throughout the adoption process. Through guided migration, facilitated onboarding, and continuing education, Mural empowers customers to fully utilize your SaaS products to expand their use of services within your organization.

Grow Your Base and Cross-Selling Campaigns

Simply sending email offers to your customers no longer delivers the results you need to grow your current customers. Mural crafts innovative, highly interactive growth campaigns that produce results, especially when the hard sell will never work.

Customer Training and Education Solutions

One of the biggest strategic opportunities for product or cloud solution partners is to deliver more in-depth training and development solutions for their customers. In addition to being a possible service of direct monetization, modern training and development services create a customer engagement opportunity that directly translates to services growth.

Agent Training Services

We design training and certification programs for your agents to ensure they have all the tools, best practices, knowledge, and process expertise to do what Mural does. When you succeed, we succeed, regardless of who does the work. We also create, update, and curate training or knowledge content for your customer base, enabling self-service and support.

“No matter the challenge, with a constant positive, can-do attitude, Mural is a valuable partner in building great Customer Experiences!”

Richard Chaves

Director of Customer Success Engineering, Microsoft

By The Numbers


80% Increased Retention


35% Cross-Selling Conversion


72 Average NPS

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