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We empower global service providers with exceptional customer experiences through technical & product support, strategic solutions, and actionable insights.

Unlocking Growth: A True Strategic Partnership

At Mural, we redefine partnerships by driving revenue growth, expanding customer bases, ensuring product adoption, and providing invaluable customer insights to enhance your brand and products. Whatever your business needs, Mural is committed to delivering tailored solutions and strategic support to help you succeed.

Mural - A True Strategic Partner

Our Services

Cloud & SaaS Technical and Product Support

When Technical Support isn’t central to your business or your team can’t keep up with customer demand, delivering exceptional experiences becomes a challenge. Mural steps in to provide direct or escalation-based technical support, enhancing overall satisfaction and providing insights for product improvement.

Facilitated Adoption™ including Migration, Onboarding and Education

The initial 60 days of a customer’s journey are pivotal for long-term adoption and retention. Mural offers comprehensive support throughout this critical phase, guiding migration, facilitating onboarding, and offering ongoing education to empower customers in fully utilizing SaaS products.

Grow Your Base and Cross-Selling Campaigns

Traditional email campaigns often fall short in engaging and retaining current customers. Mural crafts innovative, interactive growth campaigns that yield tangible results, recognizing that hard selling is rarely effective in today’s market.

Customer Training and Education Solutions

Offering comprehensive training solutions presents a strategic opportunity for product and cloud solution partners. Mural provides in-depth training services, fostering customer engagement and directly contributing to service expansion.

Agent Training Services

We develop tailored training and certification programs for your agents, equipping them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and expertise. Our success hinges on yours, regardless of who handles the work. Additionally, we curate and update training content for your customer base, facilitating self-service and support.

“No matter the challenge, with a constant positive, can-do attitude, Mural is a valuable partner in building great Customer Experiences!”

Richard Chaves

Director of Customer Success Engineering, Microsoft

By The Numbers


80% Increased Retention


35% Cross-Selling Conversion


72 Average NPS

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