Migration & Onboarding – Microsoft 365

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Why Mural for Microsoft 365?

Having successfully migrated tens of thousands of businesses to Microsoft 365, Mural’s migration and onboarding services combine the precision of a proven process with the flexibility to adapt to your specific business needs, unique technical configuration and custom integrations. We begin with a thorough analysis of your current environment designed to identify how your organization currently uses email, files, intranet/extrants, calendaring and meetings. This evaluation includes a deep dive into your unique security settings, existing automations and rules, network settings, domain, DNS and user configuration, remote access requirements and data/file-specific restrictions and business rules. Once that analysis is completed, Mural will craft a custom, tailor-made plan specific to your organization with the demonstrable steps we’ll take to ensure the migration is completed with minimal down-time and loss of productivity. We’ll review the critical pieces of the plan with key stakeholders in your organization and establish an ideal time to complete the migration, the staging of different migrated components, and a set of immediate checkpoints that will ensure your business is up, running and successful.

Migration and Onboarding for Microsoft 365

Congratulations! If you’ve already made the decision to move to the Microsoft 365 cloud, you’re on the path to more productivity, more security and more profits. You can get guaranteed cloud success with Mural. If you’re still wondering if Microsoft 365 is right for you, Mural can show you the light. Microsoft 365 is the most powerful and secure suite of office productivity tools, file and data management solutions, onsite and remote collaboration tools and business/workflow optimization capabilities available, all from one provider for one low price. Whether you’re currently running your own Exchange or email server or contracted with a third party hosting provider, Mural has the depth of engineering expertise, the proven approach, the attention to detail and the commitment to speed and quality to safely and securely move your business to the Microsoft cloud. Our expert-level engineering, QA and program management team will work with you each step of the way to ensure a seamless, white-glove migration and successful onboarding across your organization.

Our Work Doesn’t Stop After Migration

Once we’ve migrated your email, calendars, files/data, unique network settings and user settings to the Microsoft cloud, we’ll verify the migration for accuracy and completeness. Through a combination of automated, script-based testing and manual checks personalized specifically to your organization, we will be sure your entire organization is ready for the cloud and ready for business. Of course successful migration to Microsoft 365 doesn’t stop with just the technical migration and configuration, but is built around the success of your employees. As part of every migration service, Mural delivers a standard set of educational assets, ‘first day’ setup instructions, and common task ‘how to’ materials designed to ensure your teams onboarding to Microsoft 365 is seamless and painless. Of course if you need more support, Mural provides a full suite of Microsoft 365 Team Training services that can go as deep and far across your organization as you need to ensure success.

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