Microsoft 365 Team Training

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Microsoft 365 Team Training

A successfully migrated, configured and optimized Microsoft 365 cloud means nothing without proper user adoption. That’s where we come in. Our proactive training solutions are built on the back of Mural’s experience working with hundreds of thousands of businesses as they embrace the Microsoft cloud. We know the problems most customers face, the confusion early users encounter, the tricks that make life simpler and the ‘a ha’ moments that will turn your employees from reluctant adopters to power users.

Mural’s technical and learning development experts will leverage our portfolio of existing training materials to prepare a training solution that is tailored to your unique organization, including the structure of your team, how your business works, and where you want to see your business head in the future. No matter if your organization is a manufacturing plant, a professional office, a field service organization, a fully remote and virtually collaborative team or something in between, Mural has the experience to train your users in a manner that will ensure complete adoption, utilization, and comfort with the Microsoft tools they need to do their job.

Team training customized just for your organization

Successful Microsoft 365 team training has to be delivered in the format your organization is most likely to embrace. It cannot be a one-size-fits-all service. Mural’s tailored training solutions might include traditional vehicles like live and recorded webinars, self-guided instruction curriculum, task-completion based milestones, fully interactive video training and even live events for unique team needs or future power users. And just like the training format needs to be responsive to your unique business needs, the mechanism and timing through which that training is delivered can change as well. From simple ‘this next’ guidance delivered directly to a Microsoft Teams channel within your organization to monthly or quarterly rapid 1:1 and 1:many health checks, Mural will produce a training program that empowers your employees to use all of the tools and services in your Microsoft cloud environment with confidence and efficiency.

How do we measure success?

Any successful training program comes with a set of metrics to assess efficacy and success. We’re not happy until we’ve connected the impact of our training services to the impacts in your business that make you more efficient, profitable and secure. From improved and efficient customer service, increased sales conversion and streamlined month-end close, when your team is operating at peak efficiency, you’ll feel it in the results.

We focus on training your team so you can focus on your business!

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