Grow Your Base and Cross-Selling Campaigns

More customers, more profits

Grow Your Base and Cross-Selling Campaigns

Your cloud or SaaS customer is one of your most valuable assets, but maximizing revenue over their customer lifecycle increasingly requires innovative approaches that go beyond traditional marketing. Even well-crafted and personalized lifecycle marketing email campaigns are simple to ignore for most customers. As a result, successful SaaS providers are always on the look-out for more engaging and ultimately successful growth and cross-sell campaign approaches. Mural builds truly unique Grow Your Base and Cross-Sell Campaigns designed to activate your existing audience through compelling, often interactive content and unique means of connection. This could include developing health check scorecards designed to encourage a 1:1 conversation that can be guided into a ‘what comes next’ discussion or non-intrusive but dynamic, interactive video experiences that encourage customers to share more about what actually matters to them before a proactive and outbound touchpoint occurs.

Test. Learn. Adapt. Implement.

Ultimately, the success of our Grow Your Base and Cross-Sell Campaigns is measured in revenue and return on investment. With that in mind, we’re eager to test programs together, to learn about our partner’s unique customer bases, and then operate programs on models that range from fixed fee through fully success-based strategies. We’re obviously happy when you’re happy, so aligning upside and compensation for these campaigns creates exceptional motivation for both parties. One powerful use of the Mural team is to run smaller proof-of-concept programs that include rapid A/B testing of concepts, content and connection points. Within these programs Mural often combines an approach that leverages existing content from our partners or third party experts, unique / action-driving content we create to compel a first action, and a series of potential engagement points that we rapidly test. We can collectively see what’s working, what’s not, where we need to improve, do more and just move on. Once the signal is extracted from the noise on these campaigns, we can collaborate with our partners to rapidly scale the campaign into your existing agents or other partners.

A proven model for long-term success

The result of Mural’s approach is a proven model for continuous innovation and improvement in how we collectively activate your base to respond to growth campaigns, engage them deeply in a low-sale / no-sale experience that gets them to become an active participant in the process, and then leverage that relationship into a long-term model of growth success.

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