Facilitated Adoption™ including Migration, Onboarding and Education

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Facilitated Adoption™ including Migration, Onboarding and Education

Unlike boxed software, with SaaS and cloud solutions, the sale isn’t over when the ink dries. Customers must feel like they are consistently receiving the value of their purchase in order to keep paying for it. And nothing interferes with a customer perceiving that they aren’t receiving the value they expected more than a failure during the migration, onboarding and adoption period for the solution. Errors in this period set the tone for the solution overall and therefore the customer’s overall experience, so getting it right is critical. Mural specializes in delivering red-carpet migration, onboarding and early education solutions for businesses embracing new cloud and SaaS offerings. While every product is different, a rule of thumb is that a high touch investment in customer service in the first 60 days of a customer’s lifecycle can dramatically alter the course of the customer’s success with the products over the length of their engagement, dramatically reducing churn and increasing opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell.

Success begins with migration

Beginning with migration, Mural’s focus is on seamless transitions of data, role settings, security configuration and user setup. Depending on product and client complexity, this may be delivered in a single engagement (for instance basic DNS configuration), or it may require creation and execution of a detailed plan. In all cases, migration solutions need to be optimized to minimize downtime and work within the business constraints of the customer. Successful SaaS adoption doesn’t stop with migration of data and settings though. Customer onboarding continues through user account creation, confirmed user invitation acceptance, license activation and any required local setup. While in many cases client Admins can successfully complete the steps required to roll a new technology out to their entire user base, Mural can partner with those stakeholders to provide support, validation and confirmation.

Early education leads to ultimate success

Finally, Mural specializes in early education programs that get users up and running with a focus on top features, unique tips and tricks to make life easier, and expert advice on where to look for additional help. Even a small investment in user education, either 1:1 as part of train-the-trainer or 1:Many across the organization can mean the difference between immediate client satisfaction and a baseline of frustration that can lead to resentment. Through Mural’s Facilitated Adoption™ programs, your cloud and SaaS customers will have an experience that differentiates your brand and offering and creates long-term customers who grow with you.

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