Cloud and SaaS Technical Support

The help your customers need, when they need it

Cloud and SaaS Technical Support

Your customers have questions; Mural has answers. Free up your time, resources, and bandwidth by allowing our skilled technical experts to handle all of your inbound customer support, from helpdesk to Tier 2 and 3 escalation. We treat your customers like our own, with care, empathy, and great attention to detail. Whether the cloud or SaaS offering that your customers need support with is a portfolio or bundled product that isn’t your core offering, or your existing team is scale limited, Mural’s support technicians can provide the expertise, resolution speed and focus on customer satisfaction you need to be successful. This includes directly handling inbound customer service requests, responding via outbound follow-up to issues your teams were unable to resolve and require escalation, receiving live hand-offs from existing agents for out of skill scope tickets, or simply doing what you do exceptionally well in the hours you can’t.

Delivering insights with exceptional customer experience

Our technical support services can be delivered with Mural acting as a named strategic partner or in a fully white-labeled mode, all for the purpose of growing your product, customer base, and delivering meaningful customer insights. We make it simple to partner with Mural in a manner that allows you to grow your product and create the ideal customer experience. In all cases, we align on a set of business objectives that are customer centric. We do not engage in relationships where our incentive is to get customers off the phone as quickly as possible, even if it means an unsatisfactory result. Rather, we look to partner with organizations who recognize that customer satisfaction comes in the form of looking beyond the customer’s reason for the call but engaging the csutomer to understand the root cause of their pain, features that make the product more beneficial, and delivering this feedback in a meaningful way to our partner and their product teams.

We’re there when your customers need us

As a 24/7, 365 day a year organization, you can count on Mural to be there when your customers need us. With expert technologists, a firm adherence to results-based processes and a focus on customer satisfaction, retention and ultimately growth, our Cloud & SaaS Technical Support services are shoulders above any other option.

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