Business Optimization with the Microsoft Cloud

Streamlined efficiency and peak business performance can be yours.

Business Optimization with the Microsoft Cloud

The Microsoft Cloud is so much more than just Outlook and Office. With Mural as your partner, we’ll work to take your business to new heights using the breadth of integrated Microsoft products and solutions, the power of business automation and the efficiency of AI to ensure your company is operating at peak performance with maximum productivity and efficiency. Of course to optimize your cloud, we have to get the basics right. That means streamlining your cloud environment to ensure you have access to tools and data anytime and anywhere with unmatched collaboration and rock-solid security. This basic cloud optimization is the foundation from which Mural can work with you to explore how much more you can do with the Microsoft cloud.

Use every Microsoft tool available

Our first focus is on underutilized Microsoft 365 tools like SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive. We often collaborate with teams who are only using a fraction of the power readily available at their fingertips, or who are leveraging one technology to achieve a result when another tool would be dramatically more efficient. By auditing your current licenses and usage metrics across your organization, Mural can create a plan to transform your business to a cloud-first, best-practices driven powerhouse. Once we have the basics in place, we extend our business optimization solutions to look at how custom solutions within the Microsoft cloud can streamline or fully automate business functions to reduce costs, increase reliability and let you focus on what matters. This could mean creating a custom SharePoint solution to aid in client communications or tuning one of the hundreds of Microsoft Power Automate tools to make formerly manual or routine tasks automated. We will help you save time and money by leveraging the cloud to improve communications and optimize resource availability. With the freed up time, you can focus on building your business.

Cutting edge technology for unparalleled efficiency

Finally, we are experts in the application of Azure AI bot technology to add intelligence to internal or client-facing processes. Not all processes can be fully automated, but all processes can be made more efficient when simple research, data retrieval, processing or task-based actions are enhanced with artificial intelligence. Don’t believe AI can impact your business? Let us show you how. Every business, from the corner deli to the corner office, can be improved with AI. Don’t stand for the status quo. Use your investment in Microsoft and your partnership with Mural to optimize your business, maximize your productivity and reach your goals faster!

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