Service Provider Assessment: Activation and Onboarding for Microsoft Teams

Jul 18, 2022

By: Mural Consulting

Discover your current needs and how to best optimize the performance of SaaS businesses.

What is This Assessment and Who is it For?
Through more than 200 Service Provider engagements, Mural has defined an action and
measurement-oriented Critical Success Factors (CSF) Framework as the foundation of
optimizing the performance of SaaS businesses. This framework is the foundation of how our
customers achieve a differentiated level of success in their markets.

All Mural engagements are built around these 8 CSFs, of which Activation and Onboarding is the step directly after a successful conversion, but is absolutely critical to ensure maximum value.

This assessment is directly targeted at the Activation & Onboarding Critical Success Factor for Microsoft Teams, part of the Microsoft 365 / Office 365 suite. It is designed for Service Providers with an existing offering who are seeking the practical steps to take to drive adoption, increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn in order to maximize lifetime customer satisfaction, and value.

In this assessment, you will:

  • Understand the primary goal of the SaaS Activation & Onboarding steps and its relationship
    specifically to Microsoft Teams.
  • Review how to most explicitly measure the achievement of that primary goal.
  • Honestly evaluate your current business against a set of three key process areas that, if embraced and optimized, will drive success against that goal.

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