Facilitated Adoption™

Jun 13, 2022

By: Mural Consulting

Find a detailed look into Mural’s full “Red Carpet” Facilitated Adoption™ experience to ensure maximum user comfort, understanding, and usage of your products.

What is Facilitated Adoption™?

  • The period from initial evaluation (even before purchase) through realization of customer-defined success goal.
  • Not just installation and setup (though that is critical).
  • Continuously reinforced throughout the entire customer lifecycle, including customer loss and/or indicators that the customer has fallen away from their success goal.
  • Includes every customer touchpoint – physical, digital, interactive -across the entire organization, including sales, fulfillment, installation, migration, and support.
  • Essentially, a “Red Carpet” onboarding and engagement experience.

Done right, Facilitated Adoption™ should drive profit and measurable ROI. But, the first 90 days are the most critical period to the long-term success of an on-boarding experience.

With nearly 500,000 business engagements, Mural can be your trusted partner.

Facilitated Adoption™: Exceptional Products Delivering Exceptional Experiences

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