Culture – Your Values in Action

Feb 14, 2023

By: Don Yäger

How many times have you seen a post in LinkedIn with a screen shot, such as the one below, with a note that says something like “…what a great team…” or “…all here together to celebrate…”?

This is the new #worldofwork we live in, but how do you ensure your #culture is alive and reflects your specific values?

One of Mural’s Monthly AMA Sessions

Once we went full remote and now had employees in over twenty-four different states, I found that we needed to be deliberate about defining what our “culture” is, helping to ensure that we still maintain that culture and the ability to preserve our #values regardless of where we work.

We took the time to listen to our team about what our culture meant to them, and were able to define the six Mural Consulting Culture Keys shown below. The screenshot above exemplifies our Culture of #transparency in that it was one of 3 monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions last week during which any team member can ask any question of the leadership team. Out of that comes action items, clarity, and most importantly, an opportunity to show the Mural Consulting Culture and #valuesinaction. We then post all questions and answers to our internal Hub so everyone can review.

In addition to monthly AMAs, we also have an “Anonymous” button and an “Email Don” button on that internal website where questions and comments come directly to me. As with the AMAs, we then post these along with my response to our internal website (maintaining Team Member anonymity, of course).

Mural’s Culture Keys

These are just a few ways we keep our Culture and Values in Action and in front of us, not to mention how we make decisions and what guides the policies we define.

What do you do? How do you keep your Culture alive and your Values in front of everything you do?