Agent Training Services

Expert training for expert results.

Agent Training Services

With over 18 years’ experience recruiting, training and cultivating some of the most technically capable and customer-friendly agents in the IT Service industry, Mural is uniquely positioned to help you build your own agent team. While we believe we have unique industry expertise that makes Mural exceptional when we deliver agent-based services, we’re eager to share that knowledge with long-term partners who see the value in our approach. For those partners, Mural provides agent training services that can be deployed to help pre-validate candidate recruits, are optimized for the ‘first day’ in the classroom for new agents, or are designed to improve the performance of your existing teams.

Everything you need for strategic training and success

Our services include curriculum design and development, training delivery, and performance analysis solutions. We never build a chunk of learning content, drop it on your doorstep and leave you to your own devices. Mural is always an active and engaged partner in how any training is being delivered, unique constraints on learning models or expectations, and how success can and should be measured on initial training delivery and over time. One of the keys to successful agent training is understanding the ‘blocks’ of education that are possible. A four hour set of content may be designed to be delivered in a single four hour session, but that doesn’t mean your agents can be pulled off their desks for a continuous four hour period. Depending on the training though, breaking that same four hour content block into four, 1-hour blocks might completely disrupt the efficacy of the training flow and model. Mural works with you to not only understand the content you want delivered to your agents including the lessons, skills and capabilities you’re expecting them to master, but also the unique constraints and opportunities your organization presents in effectively building, deploying and measuring training content.

A high value approach with measurable results

We have experience working in fully remote, live classroom, facilitated, self directed and hybrid learning models. With the cost of agent services constantly under scrutiny at many of our partners, we actively collaborate to find the highest impact and therefore highest value approach to training delivery with a focus on measurable results.

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